Training on Media Literacy

By March 25, 2021 2020 Activities No Comments

Media and information literacy become an important qualification for fostering equitable access to education. information and knowledge. Therefore, new forms of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) are required for people to effectively participate and succeed throughout all stages of life in the information and knowledge societies. With the contemporary pandemic situation where the people are advised to restrict the movements and confined to their homes the impact of media has been dramatically increased.  In this situation people specially youth as the future generation need specific competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to engage with the media to be actively participate political governance and other processes.  


In order to develop the capacity of the youth on above mentioned competencies CED conducted capacity building progamme on Media literacy for the selected youth groups.

CED expects that this capacity building programme helped the develop media literacy among the youth and they would engage with media not merely passive audience but become active producers of information and innovators of media and information products, as well as critical thinkers.

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