Coalition for Education Development (CED)

Coalition for Education Development (CED) is a consortium of organizations involved in the education sector at national provincial and local levels in Sri Lanka.

We have an island wide membership network encompassing 57 organizations actively engaged in the field. Since inception in 2004, CED has been involved in promoting civil society participation in formulating and implementing policies related to education in Sri Lanka.

CED is committed to steer the Civil Society participation as a vital part in the achievement of goals and targets of EFA,MDG and SDG declarations. Since SDG 4 goals provide the guideline for new vision for education by 2030, CED has already addressed the issues of promoting civil society involvement in education development tasks of Sri Lanka.

CED developed a strategic plan in 2015 for three year period (2016 -2018) and for the time being we are implementing the activity plan for 2018. We have commenced setting up Provincial Educational working groups comprising of Political representatives, Provincial Educational officers, Civil Society organizations and members of the general public. We have conducted number of capacity building programmes for our member organizations, teachers and parents and involved school children in several activities. We expect to work with other segments of society such as media, parents associations and professional bodies at the district and provincial level in the future. We are conducting studies on drop-
out children with the non-formal education unit of the ministry of education. In addition we are involved In assessing the quality of the ECCD sector in Sri Lanka



Latest News

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CED Annual General Meeting

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Working towards sustainable peace – training on transitional Justice

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Working with Media – International Children day

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CED conducted various activities to celebrate international important days for education CED members participated for five radio discussion and these programme were broadcast on world Children day. In addition CED…