Capacity Building Programme on Climate Change COVID-19 Epidemic and Impact on Education

By March 25, 2021 2020 Activities No Comments

Sri Lanka is among the top ten of the most vulnerable country to the natural disasters and has been ranked second among the countries most affected by extreme weather events in 20 years since 1998. For the past three years, Sri Lanka has been experiencing a series of extreme weather events

Education has two obvious effects on the fight against climate change. Firstly, it impacts citizens’ general awareness of the issue, and secondly, it determines how enabled they are to develop the necessary solutions and innovations to overcome the problem. The National Adaptation Plan for climate change which was developed in 2016 by Ministry of Mahaweli Development and environment does not adequately focused on the impact of the climate change in education. However, within the last decades due to bad weather and natural disasters number of schools has to be closed for several days.  On the other hand most of the instances authorities used to utilize school infrastructure provide temporary shelter for displaced people due the disaster situation.

With the objective of raising the awareness of the youth on Climate change which leads to Natural disasters and sensitize them on the education in emergencies. CED believes and confident wit that through these capacity building programme these youths would have gained knowledge and skills that could be applied to understand analyze the issues related to education and respond them to in effective manner for the betterment of the community  

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