Capacity building programmes for youth

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CED conducted Three capacity building programmes for identified youth groups. The themes of these trainings were selected considering the following three factors. 

1) Overall objective of the youth constituency building programme 

2) Assessment on the knowledge and skill of the youth participants for youth consultation 

3) increase youth involvement motivate them in addressing contemporary issues related to education by introducing youth friendly intervention methods


Accordingly following trainings were conducted on following topics/areas 

  • Social interaction platforms online learning and role of youth in realizing SDG4  
  • Critical Media literacy for active participation in democratic process and realizing SDGs 
  • Climate change, COVID 19 Epidemic and Impact on Education -The role if youth to build resilient community  


Training programme on social interaction platforms and Online learning was held on 05 November with the participation of 46 youth from different localities. Through this training programme CED aimed to developed the skills of the youth related to social interactive platforms and Online learning/meeting applications.   This training was scheduled as the initial training programme as per the request of the youth as well as the advisory committee of CED. The positive impact of this capacity building and the results/outcome of this training could be observed throughout the other training programmes.

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